Imprint Structural Adhesive

Developed to withstand the extreme environment horses hooves are often subjected to. Works even where moisture is present. Possibly the strongest yet.

  • 50 ml cartridge +
  • 2 minimal wastage mixer nozzles

Order No. ISA 1

Structural Adhesive

Imprint Dispensing Gun

For efficiently applying Imprint Structural Adhesive.

Order No. IDG 1

Dispensing Gun

Mixer Nozzles

Minimal wastage nozzles.

  • Pack of 10

Order No. IMN1

Imprint Shoe Freezer

Quickly hardens the fitted shoe enabling the foot to be returned to the ground to weight bear in minimal time.

  • 200 ml net aerosol

Order No. ISF 200

Shoe Freezer

Imprint Hoof Repair

Hoof repair and shoe extension material

For hoof cracks, rebuilds and repairs. Extension and graduation of Imprint therapeutic shoes.

  • 500 ml

White – Order No. IG500

Graphite – Order No. IG500G

*Container may vary

Surgical Spirit

Ideal for efficient application – no wastage or contamination.

  • Pump action spray dispenser
  • 240 ml

Order No. SP1

High Speed Rotary Cutter (Twin pack)

To fit Dremel® Cordless Multi Tool/MultiPro®/10.8v Lithium-Ion Cordless™

Order No. HSRC2

Dremel HSC

Aluminium Edged Locking Case

  • 45cm x 33cm x 15cm

Order No. IALC1