Imprint® is the patented equine foot care system for treating a wide range of painful and debilitating hoof conditions including laminitis and limb deformities in foals. Developed over 20 years by farriers working in association with veterinary surgeons, Imprint is a well proven nail-free solution. The Imprint system uses a unique thermoplastic that allows shoes and Hoof Repair compound to be moulded to any hoof, creating a perfect fit. Imprint assimilates perfectly to retain the integrity of the hoof – the moulded fit minimises trauma and maximises support, without compromising the functions of the foot.

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Andrew Poynton FWCF
Managing Director

Key Features

Non traumatic

Non invasive

Ideal for the treatment of laminitis

Completely mouldable thermoplastic

Easy fitting

Unique dual attachment

Wide range of applications

Eliminates nailing disadvantages

Bio-degradable plastic

Ultra light

Adaptable with Imprint Hoof Repair granules

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