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Limbo Dancer

Limbo Dancer

Shortly after the winter dressage championships this year my horse developed a quarter crack on his off fore which, despite my farrier’s best efforts, was proving difficult to stabilise using conventional shoeing methods. On my farrier’s advice we were referred to Andrew Poynton FWCF, the mastermind behind the Imprint Equine Foot Care System.

Two weeks later the new Imprint Sport shoes designed specifically with the competition horse in mind were fitted in front, with the crack being filled and supported underneath by the mouldable glue and plastic. The process was fascinating, a real work of art, backed up by clear physiological justification, and the results were immediate. Ten minutes after being shod my horse walked and trotted up taking noticeably longer and more confident strides even to the naked eye.

The real proof for me however came when my trainer, unaware of the change in shoes, commented on significant improvements in the lightness of the forehand, elevation in the trot and increased freedom in the shoulder within the first week of being shod. After several successful outings and positive judges comments particularly for the medium trot (an area of weakness previously) I decided to have my horse shod all round in the Imprint Sport shoes. The benefits of these shoes however have not been confined to work on a surface.
As time has gone on I have also found that their grip out hacking on the roads is far superior to the steel alternatives we used previously and that they have lasted an equivalent four to five weeks.

We are now on our fourth set of Imprint Sport shoes and I am delighted to say that the crack is now stabilised and there is a considerable amount of healthy horn visible below the coronet band. As with all new innovations the Imprint Sport shoes do currently cost more than a regular set of steel shoes. However as the saying goes ‘no foot, no horse’ and so long as my horse is comfortable, sound, and of course winning – I think they more than pay for themselves. For more information on the Imprint hoof care system and Imprint Sport go to and see for yourself.

Fiona Padfield
Melksham, Wiltshire