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My horse Paschal

I am writing to you today, just after  returning from my stables.

My  farrier Steve White of Callow End, nr  Worcester  has just fitted my horse  with a pair of your Imprint shoes. I felt I must let you know how they have transformed my horses life.

My horse Paschal, had been lame since before Christmas,  my vet diagnosed laminitis. He suffered a couple of episodes of laminitis  several years ago but none since so  I was devastated to be told this, especially as it was  winter and  I do try to do everything I can to try and prevent any  further episodes. My vet advised the fitting of heart bar shoes, which in fact made him worse and therefore had to be removed. Since the removal  of these shoes I have been having to Pad his feet in an attempt to relieve his discomfort.

My Farrier  Steve, has attended your training course for fitting imprint shoes. On assessing Paschal’s feet he  felt that a lot of his  problems were related to the fact he has flat feet, he grows little foot and is therefore walking on his soles resulting in bad  bruising. Steve recommended that it may be beneficial to try your imprint shoes. I agreed and  truly cannot describe my delight at seeing Paschal walk, trot and even canter freely within minutes of their fitting,  the first time in four months. Even the  strong “bounding” pulses and heat, present in his feet for so long have already  reduced- amazing!!

I cannot thank you or  my farrier enough, as I said at the beginning you have transformed my horses life, he can walk, trot and canter again. yipeee!!

My very kindest regards.

Yours sincerely,

Sandra Connolly