Amazing Shoes!

Hi, just thought I would drop you a quick line to say a huge thank-you for developing these shoes. I have had a horse out of action for a year before trying these shoes on recommendation from my farrier Jonathan Nunn. They have totally given me my horse back again. He got laminitis in one front foot which we got under control however he was then constantly getting recurrent accesses… these shoes have totally cured the problem.


Within a week of having them fitted I was back riding again. I have to say I can’t believe how they have transformed my horse Sky. Also the shoes he currently has on have stayed on for the full 6 weeks which I wasn’t expecting to happen. I would recommend these shoes to anyone who is having foot problems, especially recurrent abscesses caused from laminitis, as because these shoes are requiring no nailing you are not piercing the foot and allowing dirt etc inside.

I really just want to say a huge Thank-you to all your team in developing these amazing shoes!

Claire Day