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Laminitis, damaged hooves, foal limb malformation and poor conformation are common challenges for farriers and veterinarians.
Attending these popular advanced farriery training courses will equip the participant with the skills, knowledge and confidence to resolve these issues. They provide clear practical procedures to deal effectively with symptoms and restore hooves and limbs to healthy function using materials that assimilate the natural hoof.
Learn about the early treatment of laminitis, innovative hoof reconstruction techniques, foal limb correction and how to improve the sport horse’s current performance.

Four CPD courses are currently available:

  • Foal development
  • Hoof reconstruction
  • Laminitis
  • Shoeing for soundness

Course content includes: Lectures and discussion, Practical demonstration, Hands-on tuition.

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Foal Development

This course addresses treatment of Angular Limb Deformity (ALD) and Flexural Deformities.
Associated symptoms are discussed and effective practical corrective techniques practiced.
Modern materials that more closely assimilate hoof structures are used. The Imprint Foal shoe and the fitting of extensions along with hoof extensions and graduations created from Imprint Hoof Repair are demonstrated.
Morbid specimens are normally used, with occasional live cases when possible.

Training Foal


This course addresses the pathophysiology of laminitis subsequent to the acute onset.
Utilizing radiographic assessment, it teaches practical farriery for first aid treatment and covers the requirements for ongoing care.

Training Laminitis

Hoof Reconstruction

This course covers the treatment of a variety of debilitating conditions of the hoof.
Subject matter includes:
Recognition and understanding of causes.
Introduction to Imprint Hoof Repair materials.
Treatment of hoof cracks, hoof reconstruction, casting, graduation and extensions.
Various procedures are practiced.

Training Hoof

Shoeing Problem Feet and Limbs for Soundness

This course is focused on assessing the horse’s limbs and feet, and particularly helping those with less than ideal conformation and
lameness issues.

Training Shoeing

Course size and location

These intensive one day courses are designed for farriers and veterinarians in small groups with up to twelve participants. More than a hundred courses have been well received throughout the UK and abroad in Veterinary hospitals, Universities, forges and other suitable equine establishments.

How to Enrol
To participate or host a course, please contact us, upcoming dates can be viewed below, alternatively if you would like to arrange one in your area we will be pleased to help.

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