Caudal Heel Extension

Materials: Imprint shoes, Imprint Hoof Repair material, plastic container, boiling water, cold water, spatula or broad knife, latex gloves.

Work time: 5 Minutes

Method: A clean level work surface that can be made wet is required.

Warning: Appropriate care must be taken when handling boiling water.

The appropriate size shoe for the foot is selected, and then the length of heel extension required to position the toe level on the ground is determined. The centre of balance needs to be forward of the end of the heel extension and the width close to the width of the foot or adequate to provide medio-lateral stability. Often a heel extension half to three quarters the length of the foot will be sufficient to do the job. Additional plastic can be welded to the extension after fitting to give extra length if more is required.

Caudal Heel Extension A


Typically the amount of Imprint Hoof Repair required is similar to the volume of the shoe. Latex gloves are worn throughout the procedure; they are made wet before handling any Imprint material or Imprint shoe to avoid sticking to the shoe.

Caudal Heel Extension B

Hot water added to soften plastic

The quantity of Imprint Hoof Repair is put in the plastic container and boiling water poured on; within seconds the Imprint plastic becomes translucent soft and sticky.

Caudal Heel Extension C

Heels heated for 15 seconds with plastic

The Imprint shoe is then immersed in the hot water; heel quarters only including the rim for only 15 seconds, just enough to get the surface sticky.

Caudal Heel Extension D

Plastic rolled and thinned in the middle

The softened Imprint material is gathered from the hot water and moulded into a short fat roll then thinned to about half thickness towards the centre.

Caudal Heel Extension E

Moulded onto soft heels of shoe

The two ends are then quickly moulded onto the sticky heels and rim of the Imprint shoe. It is then placed on the wet work surface.

Caudal Heel Extension F

Shaping the extension

This loop attached to the shoe is then modelled into a wedge staple shape with a slight taper in width towards the end. The sides are also sloped to reduce the chance of being trodden off when fitted.

Caudal Heel Extension G

Shaping now complete

The Imprint material will be cooling but not hard.

Caudal Heel Extension H

Profile of the extension

After modelling the extension should appear as shown.

Caudal Heel Extension I

Bending sprung extension before hardening

The extension is then bent slightly down to create a ‘sprung’ extension which gives a little lift at the heel. The procedure is almost complete bar checking accurate proportions and level.

Caudal Heel Extension J

Cooling in water, to harden

Once satisfied, the completed shoe with extension is immersed in cold water until completely cool and hard to the core.

Caudal Heel Extension K

Completed heel extension

Now its ready for fitting.