Billy – a much loved Welsh D pony

Andrew was requested to see my cherished and much loved Welsh D pony, Billy. Billy has a history of EMS, with exceptionally elevated blood counts over 300, and a recent diagnosis of Cushings. Billy had previously suffered with Laminitis, but on this occasion was very uncomfortable, not able to move or turn, and presented clinically in extreme pain and thoroughly depressed!!!

Right from the outset Andrew gave me a lot of his time by telephone and during his visit. He was solution focused for the welfare of my Billy with the initial target of managing his pain level. I had researched his Imprint shoes technology and was very impressed by the outcomes from previous cases in particular their suitability with chronic laminitics.

Andrew explained the whole procedure, taking his time to thoroughly assess Billy’s X-rays and ensure the level of care that Billy needed.

All I can say is that on walking out Billy for the first time he was more sound than he had ever been, able to relax and not experiencing the excrutiating pain that clearly had made him so miserable.

Billy has made progress daily since his Imprint shoes have been fitted, and continues to look comfortable in his rehabilitation.

Andrew was noticeably kind and gentle around Billy, and with his extensive knowledge and caring approach I was so relieved to have Billy see him. I cannot thank him enough, not only for treating my adored pony, but also for developing and engineering these pioneering techniques.

I can thoroughly recommend Andrew and without his input Billy would not be where he is now in his journey overcoming laminitis.

Emma Hammonds