Carol and Divo


I just wanted to thank you so much for the Imprint shoe and the fantastic service I received from you after I contacted you to see if your product could assist my horse Divo. He suffered a sudden and chronic attack of laminitis last year. Before we had a chance to get him treated, his right forefoot sank and the pedal bone rotated. He was hospitalised and had intensive treatment to try and stabilise his condition. Heart bars were fitted, he was stabled on a very deep shavings bed, his diet drastically changed as a blood glucose disorder was discovered, and he steadily got worse. He went downhill so quickly, we decided to remove the heart bars as he was clearly so uncomfortable, he was suffering…  After almost 10 months of worry, stress, constant nursing, and hard work, his condition improved and finally, he was able to happily (but carefully) walk about with no further pedal bone rotation and good hoof growth.  The lameness was still apparent and I was informed he would be unlikely to improve much more.

I contacted you to ask about Imprints with the expectation of getting them fitted so he could be more comfortable… You recommended speaking to Andy Springham, a farrier on your approved fitting list. Well, Andy is just fantastic!! His dedication, care and expertise in fitting Divo with Imprints resulted in me being able to ride him again, something I was told in all probability, wouldn’t be possible!! I never expected them to make such a difference, so riding him wasn’t even a thought!   At the first fitting, Andy had me trot him up, and for the first time since his attack, he was practically sound… Sound, happy horse and a very, very happy Mum. We will begin competing in dressage again very soon.   Anyone thinking of trying these to help their horse, DO IT. . You gave me back my wonderful horse and my best friend.  I cannot thank you enough.

Carol and Divo.

Update, few weeks later. –  Really good news, Diane is now riding her horse Sasha.