Tambo in Imprint Sport horseshoes

Carol Myson and Tambo

Tambo in Imprint Sport shoes.

Photo: Tambo, ridden by Sienna Myson-Davies competing in Imprint Sport shoes.

Owner Carol Myson describes the significant benefits of the Imprint Sport shoe experienced by her event horse Tambo, in early 2011.  When it became difficult to fit conventional shoes due to a very broken foot, Carol was keen to find a solution and decided to try the Imprint Sport: “Not only did Imprint enable the foot to regrow but he went so well in the shoes that we kept using them…. We found that not only did he perform beautifully in Imprint shoes but we found them fantastic on slippery hill roads for hacking.”

Carol is delighted with the results and Tambo is comfortable, competing and doing well.

Carol Myson.