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Dilys Hartland

“I am a client of [farrier] Robin Pape in Inverness, so I believe you know about my horse Mac. He is the Cleveland Bay who was treated in the [University of Edinburgh] Dick Vet hospital for laminitis and had a tendonoty last July. I am writing to thank you simply for the invention of the shoes, and for the advice you have given Robin. Believe me, I know how lucky Mac and I are to have Robin as our farrier, and the help of [farrier] Sarah Logie too. I appreciate them so much. I feel that at long last, after a false start, we are really on the road back to Mac being sound with healthy feet. He has just had his second pair of Imprints fitted. Robin keeps advising me against being over-optimistic (!) but I just wanted to say thank you. The shoes are obviously helping Mac, and seeing him since they have been fitted I have begun to feel confident and optimistic because I can see his response to them. Many thanks once again. This is a superb invention that deserves to be more widely known.”
– Dilys Hartland.