Reconstruction Demo

Imprint makes its mark at BEVA with live hoof reconstruction demos

Equine foot care specialist Imprint will be providing live demonstrations at this year’s British Veterinary Association (BEVA) Congress, taking place 8 – 10 September at the ICC, Birmingham. Visitors will be shown how Imprint’s patented thermoplastic shoes and hoof repair formula can be moulded and fitted to treat conditions such as Laminitis and cracked hooves.

Imprint is also launching a newly formulated Hoof Repair that is hoof-coloured for improved aesthetics. As an alternative to the traditional white Hoof Repair, the graphite coloured option is ideal for repairing a hoof with tough thermoplastic that matches its natural colouration.

At BEVA, Imprint will show that by simply dropping the Hoof Repair granules into freshly boiled water, they become soft and malleable and can be moulded into any shape and secured with specially formulated Imprint adhesive.

Hoof Repair is frequently used in conjunction with Imprint shoes, which are made of the same low melt, long lasting thermoplastic. It allows extensions to be made to the shoes and together the Imprint system protects and supports the hoof allowing the foot to flex and move freely.

Visitors will also see demonstrations on how the to fit Imprint’s thermoplastic shoes which are part of the Imprint foot care system that has been developed over by farriers in association with veterinary surgeons. Imprint’s expert farriers will show how the shoes assimilate perfectly with the hoof to retain the integrity of the foot; the moulded fit minimises trauma and maximises support, without compromising the functions of the foot.

“This will be our 11th year in a trot at the BEVA Congress and each year we bring with us the latest technologies and ideas for treating Laminitis and other conditions affecting the foot. Our techniques and products have been developed continually in association with veterinary surgeons for over 20 years. They are now well proven, whether treating a foal deformity, a pony with acute laminitis, or a thoroughbred racehorse with a damaged hoof”, says Andrew Poynton, Imprint’s inventor.

The Imprint demonstrations will be held on stand A15, Hall 3, ICC Convention Centre, Birmingham, from Thursday 8th to Saturday 10th September 2016.