Hoof Repair Formula

Imprint’s new Hoof Repair formula restores hoof integrity

Imprint has enhanced its range of equine foot care products with a newly formulated Hoof Repair low melt mouldable thermoplastic that colour matches the natural hoof for improved aesthetics.

Imprint’s Hoof Repair is a highly versatile, fully mouldable structural formula with the texture strength and flexibility of natural hoof developed to repair cracked and damaged hoofs. Hand-mouldable into any shape, Hoof Repair is used to create prosthetic hoof extensions and additions that restore the foot integrity.

Imprint now offers graphite coloured Hoof Repair in addition to the traditional white coloured product. The graphite option is ideal for repairing a cracked or damaged hoof with a compound that matches its natural colouration.

With Imprint’s unique formula, there is no exothermic reaction when the thermoplastic hardens and this eliminates issues caused by excessive heat. Imprint Hoof Repair is therefore suitable for treating acute laminitics, cracked hooves and horses that have lost a lot of hoof.

When used with Imprint Structural Adhesive, Hoof Repair forms a powerful bond with hoof wall which can be nailed into, rasped and will stay in place as hoof grows. Hoof Repair is also suitable for treating foal foot deformities.

Hoof Repair is very tough, long lasting and uses biodegradable plastics. By simply dropping the Hoof Repair granules into freshly boiled water, they become soft and malleable and can be moulded into any shape and secured with specially formulated Imprint adhesive.

Hoof Repair is frequently used in conjunction with Imprint shoes, which are made of the same low melt, long lasting thermoplastic. It allows extensions to be made to the shoes and together the Imprint system protects and supports the hoof allowing the foot to flex and move freely.

“Hoof Repair forms part of a foot care system that has been developed over 20 years by farriers in association with veterinary surgeons. Hoof Repair assimilates hooves precisely to retain the foot integrity and it is particularly useful for treating acute laminitis and cracked or badly damaged hooves”, says Andrew Poynton, Imprint’s Inventor.