Keith and Dee Talbott


“Andrew Poynton’s skill as a remedial farrier combined with his Imprint mouldable shoe system has worked miracles with our 28 year old Lipizzaner gelding suffering severe laminitis with pedal bone rotation. In doing so Andrew has saved not one but two horses, as we do not believe his 34 year old Lipizzaner ‘buddy’ would have survived the separation. Andrew’s approach is radical, confident and caring. He is honest and straightforward in his appraisal, and was, in our case, the only professional prepared to tackle this difficult case. We were introduced to Andrew and the Poynton Farriery Clinic at the “11th hour” and only wish we had used the Imprint system immediately following diagnosis of laminitis. We would therefore recommend the use of Imprint shoes as soon as possible to ensure early stabilisation, reduced trauma and hopefully rapid recovery from laminitis. We cannot recommend Andrew more highly to all caring horse owners.”
– Keith & Dee Talbott.