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Mikey really comfortable on Sport shoes

Mikey is a 9 year old thoroughbred, ex-racehorse, very typical and quite difficult thoroughbred feet, has had a history of things going wrong  because of nail-on shoes either making him lame when he is first shod or falling off at inopportune moments.  For example, last summer, he pulled a front shoe off, trod on the toe-clip and fractured his pedal bone.  He got fit again after that but continued to have problems of that sort this summer.  

I brought him for Imprint shoes and not only is he not lame after being shod, which is brilliant, but also he is moving much better.  Normally at intermediate eventing tests he gets 38 or 39 and last time out he got 29, really because he was moving so much more freely.  He has done that intermediate class and he did the 2 star at Gatcombe last weekend.  Both times he’s gone clear, jumping and been really comfortable on them and they have stayed on, importantly!  So, very happy.

 Shod with Imprint Sport shoes with studholes – 5” fronts and 4 3/4″ x 5¼”  hinds.

Ingrid Peck