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Nenad Zilic

“Imprint shoes have revolutionised the way we treat laminitis. Since we used them for the very first time (over 2 years ago) we never looked back and now they are our first and only choice in dealing with laminitis. Their most important qualities are simplicity and ease of application as well as comfort they provide to the horse with instant relief of the pain. They can be fitted much sooner after a laminitic attack than any other shoes I have ever used, and give us immediate results. They are durable, easily modified and came in a range of sizes to suit all of our patients. This testimonial would not be complete without a word about Andrew, who has without a doubt put an enormous amount of work into developing this product. Not only that support, ordering and technical issues are dealt with immediately but working with Andrew, he has proven to be extremely professional and straightforward. His immediate willingness to help is second to none. He keeps things simple while giving his full attention to the smallest detail, resulting in immediate results. Well done Andrew and keep up the good work.”
– Nenad Zilic.