Our Mare Holly


Our mare, Holly, is over 30 years old with Cushings, and was chronically laminitic when you saw her, albeit medication, management and diet are strictly controlled. We have had her since she was a few months old, so she is a very much loved member of our family. During July this year everything came to a head and we thought we were going to lose her, the stress of one condition causing other problems, and we didn’t want to see her suffer. The vet run a blood test to check liver and kidney function were OK and also took x-rays of the front feet. The ‘graphs spoke for themselves, and I believed there was never going to be anyway back, but the vet suggested trying your Imprint shoes, so I contacted your clinic to find out more information.

Once you were in receipt of the x-rays and I received your call to discuss Holly, everything moved very swiftly and the following day, 25th July, saw your first visit.  (I add here that I was so pleased to hear from you, as I honestly believed no-one would want to know about a 30yr old mare!).  From that very first visit you have transformed her quality of life, she was immediately the most comfortable I had seen her for a long time, and to date there has also been no reoccurrence of the colic’s, thought to be induced by her stress.

Your knowledge and experience in treating laminitis is incredible, every step of the way you reassured us with what you were going to do, and I found you were a professional that showed patience, caring and kindness, not only to the pony but the owners as well.

Recently, you paid a second visit, and Holly’s improvement is beyond anything we had ever hoped for or thought we would see again.  Now into her 2nd set we know her progress is consistent, she is full of it as you saw, and is a contented happy mare enjoying an active life to the full.  We are both still stunned at the vast change in her, in a relatively short period of time.  For anybody reading this that is in despair there is hope, it was the best ‘phone call I have ever made.

I have included a picture taken the 10th September, 5 days after your 2nd visit, although unfortunately, these days I am only usually able to get a picture of her rear as she races past me!  I hasten to add the field was used for photographic purposes only and not her normal grazing area.

We can never thank you enough for visiting Holly, the Imprint shoes have given her a new lease of life.  More importantly, we are absolutely convinced without them she would not be with us now.

A huge THANK YOU, Jill Martin, Larkhill, Wilts.


Holly Update 5 weeks later…

As some months have passed since your first visit, it has now also given me time to reflect and consider all the positives that have come from it that I hadn’t even thought of. From Holly’s point of view not only is she more comfortable, but looking at her as a whole, she is able to walk properly without compromising her other limbs and back, her whole body is looking fitter… …if anything happened tomorrow we have the knowledge that Holly has had the chance to be a free spirit again.