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Restored Hoof

15 November

Three months ago after our horse pulled off a large chunk of hoof from under the coronet band, a friend gave me Andrew’s (Andrew Poynton) phone number. He was kind enough to give me advice over the phone and also to put me in touch with Dean Bland, a farrier he recommended near us in Lancashire. Dean has been absolutely marvellous, offering advice by phone and e-mail on receiving photos of progress. Last week he restored the hoof to visual and practical normality with the use of Imprint Hoof Repair material. The original prognosis of 9 -12 months’ box rest has been confounded – our horse is walking out in hand for a short while each day and we hope to get him back into very light work over the Christmas holidays.

I shall be singing the praises of Dean, Andrew and Imprint for a very long time.
Thank you so much for your help.

With very best wishes, L H

27 February
Update received 3 months later

Our horse is making great progress. We are now riding him regularly to bring him back into work although we are not going to jump him till almost all the hoof has re-grown …We continue to sing Imprint’s praises.