Sarah - Roo

‘Dancing Queen’ shoes!

sarah-roo-600x750 At the beginning of September this year (2014) my lovely Small Tour dressage horse, Greys Rhapsody, was diagnosed with Navicular Syndrome in her front left foot. Specifically – from the MRI – inflammation in the Impar ligament. This was treated by Sarah Randall of Chiltern Equine with Cortisone and Tildren and she recommended fitting Imprint Sports Shoes to help support the structures in the hoof and get her moving again with confidence. Andrew himself fitted her first pair just 2 weeks after diagnosis and immediately the benefits were seen – Roo looked much happier and was moving more freely in front than she had done for a couple of months. She does have very poor conformation in her front legs and feet but has always moved very well in the past with a lot of expression.
In mid October we returned to competition with a 4th in the PSG Area Festival quickly followed a week later with a 6th in the Intermediate 1 at a second Area Festival.

This weekend – where the photo was taken – all her expression and enthusiasm has returned and we came 7th at the High Profile Show at Bury Farm in the PSG. I think the look on her face says it all!
She is now in her second pair of Imprint Shoes – known now as her ‘Dancing Queen’ shoes!

A massive ‘Thank you’ to Andrew for fitting the first pair and also to our own Farrier Daniel Harman who is continuing to fit them. I thoroughly recommend these shoes for Sports Horses – they have certainly helped Roo.

Sarah Hawkins
Dressage Rider and Trainer