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Sarah Hayes

“Imprint technology is highly versatile and brilliant in its simplicity. The product has been designed to be used on horses and ponies of all different shapes, sizes and uses. I have experience with these shoes in many such different capacities, some of which would include penetrating solar injury with a screw-on removable hospital plate for easy access, laminitis, navicular syndrome, severe coronary band deficits resulting in substantial hoof wall deficits and angular limb deformities in foals. Many of these cases remain shod with Imprint shoes and are in full work, competing in a variety of disciplines. There is no doubt in my mind that Imprint shoes have enormously benefited all of my patients. They are non-traumatic to fit on a painful horse and just as importantly, they can last as long as a steel shoe. As with any shoe, they should be fitted onto carefully trimmed, balanced feet to gain optimal benefit to the horse. My endorsement of Imprint is easy; I consistently get rapid, positive results with an improved patient and a delighted owner.”
– Sarah Hayes, 6 September 2005