Unstable hooves, dysfunctional feet

An ex-racehorse was in need of some serious farriery attention when presented to Andrew Poynton with cracked, overgrown, unstable hooves. Here, he explains how synthetic materials, adhesives and plastics can be a real game changer in the treatment of such cases. By Andrew Poynton, FWCF Materials and...

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Hunter Hunter - who suffered an acute laminitic attack

Win win opportunity of referral

Laminitis referral case study of a 10-year-old 15.3hh hunter cob (now aged 14). Background This horse first suffered an acute laminitic attack in June 2015. Being a hunter he had been on ‘holiday’ and had not seen the farrier for some time and was initially under veterinary...

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Laminitic foot - with the Imprint shoe grafted on

Treatment of Laminitis

[caption id="attachment_1983" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Laminitic foot - preparation for Imprint shoe[/caption] Objectives and observations of what may improve the patient’s recovery By Andrew Poynton FWCF The severity of a laminitic attack can vary so dramatically that horse owners respond in very different ways; some are quite unconcerned and...

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Imprint shoe support p3

Dealing with Laminitis

Why is it important to act immediately when a horse suffers from an acute attack of laminitis? ANDREW POYNTON, of the Poynton Farriery Clinic has studied the problem in depth. MANY cases referred to Andrew are frequently in a far advanced state of deterioration, often as...

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Imprint First Horseshoe

Why were Imprint shoes developed?

Imprint First – Oval The key features of the Imprint First support shoe are: the ability to gently mould without trauma, the shoe to the hoof. It provides early essential support to the bone column without constricting circulation via its unique frog cradle – this is...

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Hot flash: LAMINITIS by Dawn Jenkins

Dr. Jan Young DVM CF is a leading veterinarian, referral farrier and educator from Arizona USA. This is an extract from an article in which she discusses possible causative factors leading to founder/ laminitis and subsequent treatments. Treatment Program For treatment, Young starts with a good set...

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